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Emergency Information


As much as we hope an earthquake doesn’t happen, we want to be prepared if it does. Earthquake and/or Fire Drills are held monthly. You may arrive at school to find our doors locked with a sign indicating which drill is occurring. Be patient – we practice to help keep all of us safe.

Please watch for flyers from the Safety Committee asking for needed materials.

In case of a need to “Lock Down” our campus, the school uses a code that is announced over the speaker system or a portable speaker that lets the supervisors know to bring everyone into the class. During a lock down, the entire campus will be secured and no students or adults will be allowed to enter or leave. This means that NO ONE, except required emergency personnel, will be allowed on to campus during a lock down. In the event that we need to go into a lock down, we appreciate your understanding that your child’s safety is our immediate concern and that you may be delayed in your ability to enter the campus to pick up your child. Please be patient and do not stop personnel who may be working to assist in the lock down.